Club Information

We meet every Thursday
from 7 - 11pm

Bournbrook and Selly Oak Social Club,,
13a Hubert Rd,
Selly Oak,
B29 6DX

What we play?

We will play any roleplay game!

Seriously - we love all games: we frequently play, D&D 3.5 (plus D&D 4 & 5), Shadowrun, GURPS, World of Darkness, Dark Heresy, Savage Worlds, SLA Industries: you name it and we've probably played it. If you have a favourite game you'd like to inflict on us, bring it along and we'll likely give it a try.

More info on what we play

Contact us!

Please feel free to get in touch with any of us if you have any questions about the club - and most importantly please feel free to come along to the club any Thursday, and ask for James, Mark or Sam who will introduce you and help to get you settled in.

We have an age range from 15 to 50, and we are all nice people, if a little bit weird / nerdy / geeky... - well we are role-players after all!

And if you want to come over and say hello to us then we have got our own Facebook group.

The contact details for the people who get stuff done are as follows:

James Robertson (Chairman)

Mark Turner (Treasurer)

Sam Garrett (Secretary)