Cinque Terre

Welcome to Birmingham Central Roleplayers! We are a group of dedicated tabletop roleplayers who meet on Thursdays in Selly Oak. We have members who play everything, from D&D to Traveller, so whether it's fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or cyberpunk, chances are there'll be something to interest you.

Cinque Terre

We meet on Thursday nights from about 7pm at Bournebrook and Selly Oak Social Club, and stay until we get kicked out, or the GM has had enough (whichever happens first).

But we're not just about roleplaying. We also arrange social events such as pub quizzes (with nerd-related themes, naturally), mix-up games, and a bi-annual social gathering in the city centre.

So come along, roll some dice, drink some beer (or non-alcoholic beverages if you prefer), and make some friends!

Note: We come here to escape the burdens of the real world for a few hours, free from religion, politics, and ideology, and the craziness of the last few years. Whatever our backgrounds, we are gamers first and foremost!