[ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire

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[ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire

Postby Jamin » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:05 pm

Merits & Flaws

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You may have a maximum of 7 points worth of flaws in total. You pick flaws to get points to buy merits. Any points left over can be spent as freebie points.

You aren’t allowed some of them, if you aren’t sure - just ask.
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Re: [ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire

Postby Bithir » Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:40 am

I am not unlikely to run a bit late tonight, but I will be on my way.
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Re: [ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire

Postby Rayoman » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:40 pm

Session 15

Frankie stared down at the Monk now slowing his pace… running for the safety of the gate wasn’t possible now. ‘I must be a sight’ Frankie thought… and he was. A grotesque sight stood before the Monk… a kindred draped and partly shielded by the hand sculpted mutilated corpse of the knight they felled stood in the way. Blood, flesh and parts of organs dripped to the ground from openings in the body and armour as Frankie waited for him.
Time passed to slowly though and Frankie took the initiative to run to the Monk and drank him dry. Horrified shouts for the battlements. Frankie gave the Monks soul on its way… now unburdened and free from pain.

The rest of the group make short work of the monks who had trained in battle techniques for so many years. They were not prepared for what kindred would do once one of their party was killed.

That mutilated body of the knight they shot dead running towards them, propelled by Frankie using it as shield, broke their ranks. The rest of the coterie either then felled them or caused them to kill each other; Frankie noticed Maria even took the time to make patterns out of their innards…. She has a twisted soul he thought… she should get some help. Perhaps the cures that saved Wilfric some time ago could help her, or that final death.
Bertrand then whispered for them to come over to an opening in the rock he found.. Frankie heard it with easy and motioned for the others to join.
Inside a small chamber Frankie saw allow of words written on the walls.. these seemed to interested the rest of them, that and a ring the Monks wore marked I-IV-XV. Theology and doctrine were words mentioned. They spent far too long with it he thought and heading out of the chamber he saw the Monks had shut the gate. He pushed on it with his new found strength, no longer am I the weakest of the pack he smiled as he thought to himself. And the little prison they have built for themselves will be their souls revival. Time to leave the mortal flesh lest their flesh start thinking it would be time to get back at Frankie.

Looking around he saw a number of dead monks around, their souls now flown to freedom, their bodies now just fertilizer. Moving quickly Frankie used his power to stripe the bones and select them for length, stability and foot holds…. more horrified voices from the battlements… The resulting ladder for a fairly good , he was no master craftsman but Frankie always did like to make things with his hands. He got the others to climb up it and set about finding the other Monk to release their souls and stop them getting back at Frankie and his… friends. But then that ugly little animal Maladict made some noise, some grunting, chirping horrible noise that tried to make Frankie out to be some kind of monster. Frankie protested, he had no need to hurt people, not anymore, he helped them now, helped their souls… But this little thing wouldn’t understand that, and besides, well Berthold and Maria were listening to the animal. ‘Best smile and let it go’ Frankie though ’Fine, lets visit that pretty girl in the shed, I hope she notices me this time’ he looked down at what used to be a knight covering his body ‘Maybe I should clean up’ …Frankie pondered.

In the shack the girl of course didn’t notice him again, maybe she was even trying to avoid Frankie’s gaze. ‘A good sign! She must like me’ he concluded. Some other humans used to be with Jill… but they went missing, Frankie knew it would be best to try and find them.
In a nearby village the group failed to find Sir Henry, Sir Paul or Lucius. They found some villages that seemed to be sad at the passing of the earl, a few horses which of course the animal spoke to and the church farther, who is now needing a new holy water stand… haha.

Back to the castle Fankie had a chat with the Lady Karin, ‘a nice wench’ he summoned from the conversation and probably capable of getting Frankie what he needed. Each of the other kindred went about pursuing their individual interests. After so many months of craziness Frankie was just beginning to adjust to his unlife. If he was going to survive he would have to find a ‘gang’ again, gangs survive. Lose gaggles of people thrown together on the back of a wagon to go to market are a bit risky. Some get thrown off, some just go bad. Frankie sought his soil and sleep.

The sleeping quarters provided were poor but liveable and after the first night Frankie found himself in a room with just Wilfric. Being a light sleeper he woke to the early evening noises outside earlier that Wilfric and he sat in the corner of the room for a long time staring at his… friend, all the while sharpening a wooden stake and thinking about his sire.

When Wilfric woke Frankie, firm and friendly, greeted him and they set about making preparations for the funeral.
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