[ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire - Raods!

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[ACTIVE] Dark Ages - Vampire - Raods!

Postby Jamin » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:28 pm

A road is similar to your personal ideology. It is a set of beliefs that you follow, which allow you to fight off the primal aspects of your vampiric nature. Without a road to follow, any kindred would soon devolve into a monstrosity and either be destroyed by the inquisition, or hunted down by your own kind.
There are 5 main roads (there ‘may’ be lesser roads, but if there4 were, you newbie vamps certainly wouldn’t know about it…) – some help you attempt to cling to the last vestiges of humanity you possess, others give in to more primitive instincts…
Each has a list of 10 example deeds. The higher your road level, the more you must adhere to its principles, or risk losing points in it. If you commit an act against your current road level (or lower) than you must make a roll to determine if you lose a point in your road
Pick one that’s suitable for your character
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