[ACTIVE] GURPS Horror - Crossed!

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[ACTIVE] GURPS Horror - Crossed!

Postby ItalianDavid » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:49 pm

After a long wait, I was finally able to summon some suicidal players to start my Horror campaign based on the Crossed comic series.

http://www.crossedcomic.com/webcomic/volume-1-chapter-1/ - BEWARE NSFW LINK

The game system is GURPS 4th edition with GURPS Horror, GURPS High-Tech and GURPS Martial Arts

It's an extremely gory and obscene survival horror set up in modern UK. The players are a bunch of convicted criminals who escaped during transport to jail while all hell broke loose. Highlight of the campaigns are:

* Normal people are getting homicidal crazy without any apparent reason. Nearly everyone is going into a killing, raping, torturing and self-mutilation spree. They are still living and breathing (no zombies here), but they do not feel pain anymore.
* Players are stranded in the middle of Cuntshire between a village full of drunk Polish workers and another one full of sheep-shagging inbred Brit peasants.
* Firearms and ammo are in a terribly short supply. Food stocks are still plentiful, but medical supplies are about to run dry.
* Characters are tired, scared and wounded, except for the guy from Lebanon who got his guts splattered on the road when a Crossed biker ran him over and did a burnout over his body. RIP, maybe next time you will not try to ram an enormous, obese biker on an Harley with your 50 Kg character on a Vespa... At least the biker got so much fun that he forgot about killing the rest of the party!
* There are four local policemen armed with Glock 17 and hunting shotguns, and two Army soldiers armed with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G36. They have a penchant for reading Bible verses to the accused and talking to them about Jesus while gang raping them. The PC narrowly escaped that fate and took an oath to kill them. Easier said than done.
* Lots of gratuitous violence, dark humor, swearing and racial slurs.
* New players are welcome, as long as they do not try to sabotage the tone of the campaign.

More info there: https://crossed.obsidianportal.com
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