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Roleplaying in the heart of Selly Oak, Birmingham

This is a small selection of the games we have run in the past, and may return to if there was enough interest.

The Witcher

Cinque Terre

Based on the novels by Andrej Sapkowski, now also a bestselling computer game series and tv show. A group of adventurers and witchers embark upon a quest through the continent and face down several monsters, including a dragon and a vampire.


Cinque Terre

Latest version of the Enemy Within campaign, set in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy setting. Sinister plots are afoot as this group of adventurers encounter Chaos cultists, skaven, and beastmen, but not all enemies can be seen, for some lurk in the shadows and wear friendly faces.

Star Trek Adventures

Cinque Terre

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the USS Drake. In the middle of the Dominion War, Andorian Captain Keval Forosa leads his crew through a series of exploration and war-time missions.


Cinque Terre

The game takes place in a fantasy world that has reached the technological level of the cyberpunk era. Based around action, crime, and heists, Shadowrun updates the fantasy tropes of D&D but for a fast-paced sci-fi setting.

Altered Carbon

Cinque Terre

Cyberpunk sci-fi set in the future where your mind is software, and can be uploaded to whatever body you wish. The party investigated the murder of a vlogger while fighting off Yakuza hitmen.


Cinque Terre

Alien is filled with the dark horror that you'd expect, as well as the human factions that are only hinted at in the films, such as the corporations and governments that make up the colonies.