Birmingham Central Roleplayers

Roleplaying in the heart of Selly Oak, Birmingham

Who are we?

Originally established at the dawn of the New Millenium, we are the oldest tabletop roleplaying club currently active in Birmingham. We moved to Selly Oak in 2018, and have maintained good relations with the staff.

What do we play?

Throughout our history, we have played games such as:

The list goes on. If it has dice, character sheets, and big rulebooks, we've probably played it.

What do I need?

Just bring yourself. There are so many RPG systems out there that nobody can be expected to know them all, and all of our members are more than happy to introduce new people to the hobby, teach them the rules, and show them why their chosen system is superior to all others. ;)

Bringing a selection of dice will help, but most tables will have spare dice to lend you if you don't have any. Other than that, bring money for drinks, and snacks are always welcome!

I've never played before, what if I'm no good?

Not a problem. Roleplaying is an immersive experience in which you get to explore a new world. It is a cooperative, not a competitive game, and the purpose is to tell an interactive story from the point of view of your character. Nobody is expected to memorise all of the rules; that is the job of the GM. Besides, we were all a new player once.

How much will it cost?

We currently charge £3 a night. This is to cover the cost of hiring the room. Money will be collected by the treasurer each night, and the first session is always free. Membership is £5 for a year, and showing your membership card at Waylands Forge will give you a 10% discount on any purchases over £10.

Social Media stuff:

Check us out on Facebook to stay up to date on news etc. Or just swing by and introduce yourself. Don't be shy - we were all like you once!

Prefer Discord? Join our dedicated Discord server here.